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frequently asked questions

Do You Take Insurance?

We do not accept insurance. However, FSA/HSA funds can be used for our professional services and facility fee.  Some insurance and health share companies may provide partial reimbursement via out of network benefits.


At the Birth Center, we believe the best outcomes for pregnancy and birth come from time-intensive, personalized, hands-on care; and a comfortable, safe, birthing space, designed to support low-intervention deliveries. Insurance companies, and the healthcare system, do not currently value the individualized, woman-centered care offered at out facility, and offer low-reimbursement rates for the services we provide.


We hope to accept insurance in the future, and we will continue to negotiate with insurance carriers to provide full reimbursement for our services.  One day, we hope to start a non-profit, that will provide assistance to women who cannot afford an out of hospital birth experience. In the meantime, we are working to keeping our expenses low, and still provide excellent, high-quality services. For many, the Birth Center expenses, are less than an annual insurance deductible. For women without insurance, the Birth Center is economical, and cost-saving compared to a hospital birth. We encourage you to put a high value on you birth experience and your first moments of motherhood.  The confidence and support you'll receive is invaluable. 

Can I have a water birth?

Yes! We have HUGE tubs.  We have tubs that can accommodate two people.  Not only do we have tubs, we ENCOURAGE women to labor in tubs.  We are the only facility in the Permian Basin that offers tubs and hydrotherapy for laboring women.  Laboring in the tub is one of the best techniques for pain management but has numerous other benefits as well:

  • facilitates mobility and enables you to easily move positions which can conserve your energy

  • water reduces stress-related hormones, helps you to relax and produce endorphins which serve as pain-inhibitors.

  • proven to decrease the time in labor

  • reduces perinatal trauma and tearing

  • reduces cesarean section rates

Can I get an epidural?

The Birth Center doesn't offer epidurals, but we do encourage the use of coping tools for labor pain, including the use of a doula.  The Birth Center will offer:

  • Water Immersion (an oversized bathtub for labor or delivery)

  • Shower

  • Freedom of Movement

  • TENS Units

When women are well prepared for birth and well supported during labor they are able to cope and manage contractions effectively.  Our serene, home-like environment, is designed to reduce the fear-tension-pain cycle that can commonly be induced by over-medicalized, impersonal environments. 


  • Massage and Acupressure

  • Heating Pads

  • Sterile Water Injections

  • Birth Balls & Peanut Ball

Who will deliver my baby?

Your birth at The Birth Center will be attended by Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) and Registered Nurses.  Certified Nurse Midwives are advanced practioner registered nurses with advanced degrees in midwifery.  Our CNMs were trained at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. They are trained in normal, physiological birth and they know how to recognize when your labor is not normal and when to seek a physician’s support.  That being said, throughout your prenatal care, you will be monitored to ensure you and baby are healthy and you are experiencing a low-risk pregnancy.  In the event that we need a physician’s support during your prenatal care, we can refer you to an OB.

If you are currently pregnant and already have a provider, you would transfer to our care for the remainder of your pregnancy.  We will continue with your prenatal care and ultimately support you in labor and delivery at The Birth Center.

What are the advantages over a hospital?

Because The Birth Center has a lower volume of clients and only supports women considered to be low-risk, we can give more personalized care and use evidence-based practices that are specific for low-risk women.  Hospitals, so that they can run more efficiently, create policies and procedures that apply to every woman, despite their risk-factors or unique needs and desires.  Hospitals tend to over-intervene, and when someone is sick and hospitalized, that is appropriate.  But labor and birth is natural and our bodies are made to birth without intervention.  The Birth Center will support physiological birth, keeping an eye out for deviations from normal with the ability to intervene, if necessary.

For a low risk pregnancy, birth centers are proven to have better outcomes and higher maternal satisfaction rates.  For women planning a birth center birth the rate of c-section is only 6%.  The local rate of c-section in the region is over 30%.  

What are the advantages over home birth?

For low risk woman, home birth is a great option that allows you to have all the comforts and support of home throughout your labor and birth.  

The Birth Center is hoping to re-create that, in an environment that we believe is safer, closer to the hospital (for most women), and better equipped.  There is no set-up required at The Birth Center - no tub to inflate and hook up to a faucet, no oxygen or equipment to bring in and best of all, no clean-up or tub draining required.  We are ready to go, as soon as you are.  Our providers are comfortable and effective in our space, but able to still provide a regular bed, spa-like bathroom, food and drink and any comforts of your home you want to bring - including your children.  

We also think our price-point is better than home birth.  When comparing The Birth Center to home birth - fully understand what is included in the midwife's price and how much extra it will be for things that are required, but not included.  Do they bring the birth tub or will  you need to purchase one?  Are ultrasounds included, is lab work included, is childbirth education included?  The Birth Center provides a tub.  We include labs and childbirth education and we are confident we are providing the lowest cost for ultrasounds.  Furthermore, our ultrasounds are read and reviewed by a local OB/Gyn.  

And lastly, when comparing The Birth Center to home birth, consider the provider.  The Birth Center providers are Certified Nurse Midwives with years of nursing experience and advanced degrees.  Our birth assistants are Registered Nurses with years of labor and delivery experience.  Not all home births will offer the same. 

Favorite resources about physiological birth?

We want to encourage all women to be informed about pregnancy, birth and how to advocate for themselves throughout the healthcare system.  Below are our favorite resources to learn more about physiological birth:

To Read:

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth

by Ina May

Birth Without Fear

by January Harshe

To Browse:                                                                   

To Follow:



Babies Aren't Pizzas: They're Born, Not Delivered

by Rebecca Dekker

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way

by Susan McCutcheon & Robert A. Bradley



How do I become a client?

Are you interested at giving birth at The Birth Center?  We would love to give you a tour of our space!  You can schedule a tour here on our website.  After the tour, you'll be able to meet providers that are available, ask questions and learn more about becoming a client.  

If you'd like to move forward after your tour, we'll schedule you'll first prenatal visit and set up your client portal.  In your client portal you'll sign our consent forms and pay your deposit to secure your due date.

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